The Meditation Club is a 40-day online journey centered around meditation, self-exploration, and community.

Begins November 1st. 


A 40-day meditation practice


The Meditation Club will take place on a private Instagram account. 


The membership includes:


  • 12 live meditations of 30min on Instagram with recording access

  • a PDF with the meditation guidelines, an accountability tracker, and reflective exercises

  • a prerecorded video for you to practice on your own 

  • weekly content inspired by the theme of intuition

  • Kundalini Yoga practices: Sadhanas, Pranayam, etc.

  • a community online gathering on Zoom


“The Meditation club has been such a wonderful experience. My life has changed immensely in that time.


I felt supported and carried by the group energy and Chloé. Although I didn’t see external results right away, internal shifts started straight away.


I felt trusted and worthy of receiving in a way I hadn’t before. My income has then doubled from the last month and I experienced an outpouring of abundance in the form of support and guided inspiration. It has been nothing short of magical, with every day bringing new prosperity. Thank you Chloé for holding this powerful space.”


Marija, Eso-Inge


“I had never done this type of meditation, before, but wanted to try a challenge. 40 days was huge!


Chloé was very inspiring and guided the group smoothly through the process with clear instructions, letting us feel her presence as well as giving us space to explore on our own thanks to the tools she gave us.


The overall experience was a very nice addition to my daily routine, making me feel supported and helping me build new ideas on how to lead my life. Thank you, and I will definitely be back for more.”

Acelya, Writer & Yoga Teacher, The Creative Chakra

“I first met Chloé as a friend and when she started the Meditation Club,  it seemed natural to trust her and try something that was completely new to me.


She is a powerful human and reliable teacher. Thanks to her kindness and amazing organization it was easy to let go and direct the same kindness toward myself.


I am very grateful for having had the chance to be part of the Meditation Club journey from the beginning... I’ve learned a lot from her and with her."

Francesca, SEO Specialist, Photographer & Writer, Francesca on Film


The Meditation Club is a 40-day online journey centered around meditation, self-exploration, and community. 


During those 40 days – the amount of time human beings need to effectively change habits – we will work together to set the foundations that will allow you to imagine and create a substantially new life experience.

In this series dedicated to the Power of Intuition, you will tap into the endless abundance of meditation in order to:

  •  explore your own intuitive potential

  •  clear your mind to get access to your intuition

  •  learn how to differentiate intuitive and ego-driven guidance


This new Meditation Club series, focused on the Power of Intuition, is designed for people who: 


  • are keen to experience the many benefits of meditation 

  • want to go deeper with their own personal practice to live a richer and more meaningful life

  • seek guidance to create a regular spiritual routine to feel more in sync with their intuition

  • want to live with greater clarity of mind, discernment, and inner peace to make the most out of their intuition

  • are looking for a fresh, curated and practical approach to intuition rooted in human sciences, the art of living, and personal experience

  • are ready to challenge social, personal, and cultural expectations to take their life to the next level and create their own unique blissful reality


The Meditation Club’s purpose is to provide you with the explorative tools and inspiration to light up your reality through meditation, impactful content, and a thoughtful community. 

Your 40-day daily practice, paired with a strong intention to elevate, will help you to:


  • build up vitality and energy to support your will of expansion

  • refine your vision to create a resonating story

  • strengthen your essence to live with integrity, sovereignty, and ease


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